Contact Us For Specialist Data Recovery Support

To speak to us about your requirements regarding data recovery, get in touch and discuss with one of our skilled experts. We should be able to provide you with an explanation as to what’s went wrong and how it could be fixed. If you would rather one of our experts take a look at your faulty storage device, you can bring into one of our 21 offices, or send it to us where we can establish the issue.

We Provide Free Diagnosis And Quote With No Obligation

Once we have received your faulty storage device, we will be able to accurately diagnose the fault within one working day. Once established, we will contact you to speak to you about the issue and offer a solution on how to recovery your lost data. We will take this opportunity to inform you of the timescales and the cost.

Recovering Your Data

By utilising years of experience and using specialised solutions in data recovery, our experts will establish how best to recover your data. By using these methods, they will understand the most straight forward and cost effective way to save any lost data while diagnosing the fault at the same time.

Reuniting You With Your Data

Once we have successfully and safely recovered your data, you will receive notification via email. The email will include details of the data our experts recovered as well as a full directory listing. Usually, data is recovered via the host storage drive where they tend to be found in folders. We must receive payment before we can return the recovered data which can be made by credit/debit card or by bank transfer. Once we have received payment, your data is backed up and returned via next day courier.

Why Choose Aberdeen Data Recovery?