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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from RAID servers. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
Raid Recovery

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RAID, RAID 0, RAID 1 Or RAID 5 Server Failure:

A RAID device is used to store large amounts of data that more than one individual may need access to. Due to the high volume of data that a RAID device can hold and the amount of people who may access it, you may experience a malfunction of the hard drive. Nowadays, due to reliability and size, RAID devices are a popular choice for businesses and corporations who need to be able to store high volumes of data centrally. Some common reasons a RAID device may encounter a problem could be due to damage from general wear and tear, configuration errors and missing partitions. Experts at Aberdeen Data Recovery have vast experience in retrieving lost data from RAID devices should you experience an issue where you can no longer access your data.

Faulty Mechanics May Cause RAID Breakdowns:

RAID users tend to believe that their device will not fail, as a result of this misinformation, backups are rarely performed which means if you experience an issue, your data may not be easily recoverable. A mechanical failure can cause a RAID device to malfunction, rendering any data inaccessible, or even unusable. Once the hard drive has failed due to a mechanical breakdown, your RAID device can become completely unusable. If your Raid device has suffered a physical hardware issue, an expert at Aberdeen Data Recover can help you retrieve any lost data.

Damaging A RAID Device Through An Unsuccessful Rebuild:

A popular service that we provide is supporting companies and individuals retrieve data after an unsuccessful RAID rebuild. The most common reason a rebuild may fail is due to the RAID device experiencing a boot failure, rendering your RAID device unusable. This means that the data doesn’t get fully restored and is either lost, or inaccessible. At Aberdeen Data Recovery, we can help you successfully recover lost data after an unfinished or failed rebuild attempt.

RAID Failure Due To Firmware Or Third Party Issues:

All hard drives require firmware for them to be able to work properly and this is no different with RAID storage devices. Firmware is essential in the running of your hard drive, so if your firmware is corrupt or from a non-reputable third party, you may be unable to access your data and require the professional help of an expert here at Aberdeen Data Recovery. We have 15 years of experience in resolving RAID firmware issues.

Malfunction Due To Faulty RAID Controller Cards Or Damaged Partitions:

If your RAID controller card has malfunctioned due to wear and tear or because of a recent upgrade, our expert team of dedicated professionals can help you recover any lost or inaccessible data. As well as controller problems, your RAID device may be experiencing an issue due to corrupt or missing partitions which can ultimately cause your RAID device to become unable to read or write data drives. These types of issues can cause you to lose data, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will help you retrieve it.

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