Apple Drive Repair

Apple Macs have become something of a design icon in the last few years.But in addition to just being computers that look nice sitting on a desk as a one piece they have a lot of computing power and have become very much the staple of those in the design, graphics, and video and audio production industries.

Unlike desktop PCs however (those built on the Windows, Linux or UNIX platforms), Apples come as an all-in-one unit and this can be a major stumbling block if there is an issue with the internal hard drive. It is not simply a case of removing the side of the unit to gain access to the hard drive and replacing it with another should it fail. There is a lot more to it than that and with this in mind it is best to call upon the services of the professionals; such as ourselves here at Aberdeen Data Recovery.

Problems facing Apple hard drives are similar to those facing hard drives based in other computers. Faltering heads, spindles, platters out of alignment causing the destruction of sectors as they spin out of control; all of these issues are enough to cause an Apple Mac hard drive to fail and also to instigate the first death knells of the data contained on the drive itself.

With this in mind Aberdeen Data Recovery are on hand to help provide helpful advice and with a wealth of experience and state-of-the-art technology to boot we can help recover your data before things get too far out of hand.

Physical or mechanical faults can cause beeping and buzzing noises to emanate from the Mac system and this is usually a precursor that the motor or drive-head has failed on the hard disk. Clicking noises indicate the read/write heads are or have failed. These failures are usually the result of the Mac system suffering a knock or being dropped. At Aberdeen Data Recovery we have a high success rate recovering data from Apple Mac drives that first began to falter with a variety of different sounds signalling that something was wrong.

Additional failures may take the form of freezing screens with question marks on display or disks not showing as being properly mounted on the desktop. Should any of these occur you should seriously consider powering the machine down and contacting us here at Aberdeen Data Recovery. The hard drive on an Apple Mac may need to be ejected then remounted and if this fails then there is definitely a problem. You may also find that your Apple’s system table reports you do not have sufficient disc space to load your operating system. This may occur even after it has been installed. To this end you should seek professional advice and here at Aberdeen Data Recovery we can help. With over 15 years expertise of dealing with Apple Macs and their related hard drive issues we are perfectly placed to help you recover your data quickly, efficiently and using one of our service packages that is designed to suit every budget and timescale depending on the urgency involved in reuniting you with your data.
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