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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from Windows PCs. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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Why A PC Hard Drive May Malfunction:

The good ‘old fashioned’ PC has been around for decades and is still a popular choice for many. However, unlike Apple Macs and most laptops, PCs can be made up from many complex components, often from a wide source of suppliers, which mean that when there is a problem, it can at times be difficult to diagnose. There is exhaustive list of reasons as to why your PCs hard drive may be encountering a problem. These include physical damage, power surges or outages, your hard drive overheating, water damage or corrupt firmware. If your PC has endured any of these issues and is no longer working or you have lost important data that you need to be recovered, contact us at Aberdeen Data Recovery where we will be able to help repair your PC. If we are unable to repair your PC, we will, at the very least be able to recover your lost data, using our 15+ years of experience.

Physical Read/Write Problems On A PC:

Some common physical problems that we often experience on a PC include unaligned platters causing malfunction, broken or twisted actuator arms and kinked ribbon cables. All of these issues, and more, can cause you to lose important data as well as ending up with a broken PC that won’t turn on or continues to reboot. If this sounds like something that has happened to you, you can speak to us. With 15 years of experience, we will diagnose the issue, attempt to repair your machine and recover any lost data.

Hard Drive Malfunctions Due to Power Surges/Outages:

Many of us, either at home or at work, tend to leave our PCs on for long periods of time. Not only does this count towards reducing the lifespan of the computer but it also increases the risk of the PC suffering a problem caused by a power outage or surge. A power surge can damage the hard drive, the CPU, the memory or the motherboard, all of which are key components in your PC and its ability to function. Whereas a motherboard, CPU or memory can be replaced without the loss of data sadly this cannot be said about a hard drive and therefore it may be necessary to call upon the services of us here at www.https://www.aberdeen-datarecovery.co.uk in order to help you recover that data.

Problematic Firmware/Software Responsible For Crash Of PC:

Firmware and software can often become corrupted and damage your PCs hard drive. They are amongst two of the most common reasons for hard drive damage. Installing updates from third party providers, or even a power failure or accidental shut down can contribute to corrupted firmware and cause irreparable damage to the hard drive. At Aberdeen Data Recovery, we know all too well how a hardware malfunction can damage your PC and hard drive. We will always strive to repair your hard drive, but if we can’t save the hard drive, don’t worry, we can still recover your data.

PC Continuing To Freeze Or Crash?:

If your PC freezes, it can be caused by third party software related issues or bad disk sectors. If your computer continues to freeze when you use a particular programme, you must ensure you have the correct up to date software and drivers installed. Another common reason your PC may be freezing or crashing from time to time is due to overheating. You must ensure the fan isn’t blocked and that there are no noises coming from your PC. Speak to one of our experts about your PC issues and we will help you resolve your problem as well as retrieve any lost data.

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