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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from USB Sticks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
USB Stick Recovery

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Common USB Memory Stick Problems:

Used for storing data and information, a USB stick or drive is made up of intricate hardware that allows you to portably carry important data with you. While they are an excellently devised tool, the components of a USB can become damaged meaning that it is rendered unusable and you can no longer access any data. Viruses and not removing the USB memory stick properly can also cause data to become inaccessible. Damaged connections between a USB port and USB stick can cause the flash memory to become unusable meaning that your computer no longer recognises the USB flash drive. If you’re having data recovery issues with your USB stick, Aberdeen Data Recovery can help you, by either repairing the stick, or if not possible, retrieving the valuable data for you.

Port Failings On Your USB Memory Stick:

EEPROM is the chip on your USB stick where all of your data is stored (otherwise known as a flash memory). Due to the delicacy of EEPROM chips, it isn’t uncommon for this part of USB stick to become damaged easily through general wear and tear. Accidents can and do happen and if a USB stick isn’t taken care of properly, there is a high chance that it will sustain damage and cease to work. This can cause issues when connecting to a computer or laptop as the damaged USB may no longer fit the USB port. At Aberdeen Data Recovery, we use state of the art technology whereby we can recover the data from your USB stick, even if it no longer connects to your machine.

Firmware Damage To USB Stick:

Like a hard drive, a USB stick requires firmware to enable it to operate effectively. Technological updates, a dodgy reinstallation or upgrade of software are all common ways in which a USB stick may become damaged through faulty or corrupted firmware. Resolving these kinds of issues and recovering the data from your malfunctioning USB stick can be incredibly tricky. But at Aberdeen Data Recovery, we have 15+ years of expert knowledge in being able to safely retrieve your lost data. All you need to do is contact us and we’ll talk you through the next steps.

Accidental Deletion Or Formatting Of USB Stick Data:

Frustratingly, we are often guilty of human error and situations such as these mean that you can lose valuable data from your USB stick. This can occur as simply as by not properly reading the dialogue box on the screen or by clicking on the wrong button. It’s also not uncommon for people to make the mistake of formatting their USB drive in a way that can damage or lose the data. You may attempt to retrieve your data yourself by using third party software,, however it is most advisable to contact us directly. Regardless of how you lose your data, we can help you recover it at a competitive cost.

USB Memory Stick Installation Problems on PC, MAC And Other Devices:

We will use our 15+ years experience in helping you recover data from a USB memory stick which is causing your machine to freeze. A frozen screen or machine that crashes after insertion of the USB memory stick can mean that the hardware has become damaged in some way, or there is an issue between the firmware and your machines software. The hardware within a USB memory stick is very intricate and delicate and can become damaged if mishandled. So, instead of trying to resolve the issue by installing third party software, it’s best to get in touch with us.

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