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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from laptops. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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Why Your Laptop Hard Drive May Become Unresponsive:

Laptops are incredibly convenient and portable meaning that you can take it anywhere on the go. Regardless of whether you use a Mac or Windows laptop, we can help you if you are experiencing issues with your laptop being unresponsive. There are many reasons as to why your laptop may become damaged. Some of the most common reasons include liquid damage, faulty hardware or damage due to the laptop being dropped. Because a laptop is portable, it’s not uncommon for it to become damaged in transit. If you are experiencing any of the above issues, or others, all you need to do is get in touch with us here at Aberdeen Data Recovery. We will talk you through a diagnosis and arrange for your laptop to be repaired. Even if we cannot fully repair your broken laptop, we will be able to recover any files or data that you thought may have been lost due to the crash of your machine. .

Read/Write Errors Causing A Physical Malfunction To Your Laptop:

Much like any other hard drive, a laptop’s hard drive can endure a mechanical failure for many reasons. Issues such as platters becoming loose, heads failing to spin or damage to where the information is stored are all ways in which your laptop may experience a physical malfunction and as a result, data could be lost. Sometimes, it may not be obvious as to what’s happened, so the best thing for you to do is to get in touch with us here at Aberdeen Data Recovery and we will discuss with you the issues you are experiencing, offer a solution and recover any data that you may have thought was lost. It really is that straight forward!

Power Issues Causing Laptop Failure:

Power surges affect not only desktop computers, but laptops as well. A power surge can cause too many volts to power through to the motherboard, causing the circuits to melt and the power supply to fail. Tis can cause your laptop to become damaged or crash. In addition to power surges, using a cable which isn’t correct for your product can cause irreversible damage to your machine. In essence, using a cable which damages your laptop will cause the hard drive to fail meaning that your laptop may be permanently damaged and you also may lose any important data that was held on your laptop. At Aberdeen Data Recovery, we can help you at the very least recover your lost data.

Surges And Outages Can Severely Damage Your Hard Drive:

Did you know that a power cut can cause your hard drive to fail? There are a couple of reasons as to why this may happen. The loss in power can cause the motherboard to burn out, or cause your hard drives heads and platters to malfunction. Even if you have saved your data, a sudden surge or computer outage may have overwritten this. A sudden surge of power can also cause your hard drive to break down. If this unfortunate and very frustrating situation has happened to you, we can help you recover your lost data.

Rebooting Or Freezing Issues That Cause Hard Drive Issues:

Often, when the hard drive in your laptop encounters an issue, you will find that your laptop either freezes or begins the reboot process. The most common reason for this is your laptop’s operating system being affected by bad sectors which will spread throughout your hard drive. Not only does this cause your laptop to become damaged, it can also mean that you lose data. Constant rebooting of your laptop is a sign that something isn’t quite right. It can also become very frustrating when you continue to lose your data. We will endeavour to recover this data, even if we cannot repair your laptop.

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