LaCie HDD Recovery

Have you ever wondered where we would be without external hard drives?
When you think about it, it is hard to imagine a time when we didn’t use external hard drives because now they are as useful to us from a technological viewpoint as internal hard drives or USB memory sticks, memory cards solid state drives.

Now that you’ve considered for a moment the uses of the external hard drive, it is important to understand just how damaging it can be when an external hard drive you are using fails and leaves you unable to access the data you have worked hard to create. That data is your day’s work, your week’s work, and depending on whether or not you are a student, it might even be a whole term’s work. So to lose it with no chances of getting it back would be the worst possible scenario.

All is not lost though because at Aberdeen Data Recovery our team of engineers are experienced with all types of external hard drives and all brands as well. If you can name it then there is a good chance that our engineers have had caused to recover data from them.

You might be using an external hard drive made by LaCie (bought over by Seagate Technologies back in 2012). They look sleek, designed with a modern feel to them, but like all hard drives they can develop faults that leave you, the end user, frustrated and concerned about how – if at all – you are going to get your data from them when they fail.

Like many external hard drives those made by LaCie are susceptible to the same wear and tear as their counterparts meaning that they can be prone to issues with drive heads, spindles, platter misalignment and the classic death by power surge. In addition to this they are known to have issues with their power supply units which mean that although the power appears to be going through the drive and the lights (LEDS) on the front of the drive mount light up nothing else happens. This popular problem has been reported by many different users, some of whom have tried unsuccessfully (and perhaps unwisely) to remount the drive from inside and placed it either (a) in another housing or (b) directly into a computer using a USB adapter.

Here at Aberdeen Data Recovery we would heartily recommend against trying any of the aforementioned because there are no guarantees and more importantly they can make recovering your data even harder, if not impossible, especially if the power from a new or replacement housing does not match that of the original drive.

We would also strongly air on the side of caution if you plan to reformat your device; in doing so you risk the recovery of your data and in fact risk losing it completely. To this end we would strongly suggest that you secure your LaCie drive somewhere safe until you can get it to us here at Aberdeen Data Recovery.

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff along with up-to-the minute technology together can be the saviour of that valuable data that would otherwise be lost simply because the drive has stopped functioning or because there have been ill-advised attempts at reconstituting it using untried and unverified methods on the Internet.

Call us today on 01224 907769 for further information and a no obligation quote regarding the safe recovery of your LaCie external hard drive’s data.