RAID 5 Repair

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a unique way in which data can be stored on a network setting for use in a larger office or manufacturing environment. The idea being that a greater number of individuals can have access to the information that is spread across the drives, reading, writing and saving it and allowing the RAID device to accept these changes so that they are visible to all.

In effect where RAID 5 was once only for manufacturing houses of considerable size with large turnovers, the technology has now become considerably less expensive, enabling more enterprises (and indeed single users) to utilise it.

RAID 5 works on the principle of having five drives (hence RAID 5) that allow data to be written to them in stripe format. This means that together all five drives make up the information as a whole. Or it can be set up in such a way that the information is saved to one drive and then mirrored across the others so again it is accessible to a larger number of staff who may need to make changes to it at the same time as their colleagues.

RAID 5 is designed to allow for disk striping with fault tolerance and like its RAID 3 counterpart does so using stripes of parity information. Problems can occur if one or more drives fail whilst information is being saved to them, especially if the drives have been susceptible to long term usage without any kind of power down to allow them to cool or simply ‘spin down’. It is worth considering that more hard drives spin at 7600RPM and with this speed being maintained constantly over long periods of time the components within the drives are likely to fail due to general wear and tear.

In addition to this problems can arise with controller cards if the RAID 5 setup is being maintained from a separate desktop PC setup using a controller card. Up until the point where a controller card or hard drive fails RAID 5 operates with full fault tolerance making it incredibly secure to safe data however upon the failure of a drive it can mean a loss of man hours especially if used in the likes of an accounts department, production office or manufacturing/production base.

There may also be issues if you are attempting to use a software RAID setup where the operating system is likely to fail if too much pressure is brought to bear on it without adequate backups being made.

Aberdeen Data Recovery is on hand to help you with the failure of a RAID 5 setup. Not only can our qualified and experienced engineers ensure the safe recovery of the data from a failed RAID drive but they can also be present on-site if necessary (speak to us for more information) to assist in the successful rebuild of a RAID setup that has suffered a failure.

A common issue with RAID arrays is that the rebuilds after the replacement of a drive are not always successful which can lead to more time lost from a productivity standpoint. Our engineers are able to provide valuable assistance with the recovery of the data, the installation of a new drive and the configuration of the RAID drive should there be issues with controller card/drive compatibility.

Call us today on 01224 907769 for further information on how we can help restore your RAID 5 device to its former glory after a failed drive issue.