Inverness Data Recovery

Data Recovery InvernessOur experienced and friendly engineers can help recover data that you might have previously thought was lost forever. Whether it is an internal hard drive, external hard drive or other external storage device, USB stick or card or large network storage drive, we can help retrieve your information and have you back to work in no time. Call us today on 01224 452094 for more details.

Have you ever wondered why hard drives fail? It is something that most computer users consider at some point in time but the reality is that it is something that is never really given much credence until a hard drive crash happens to you. Our data recovery Inverness engineers have been helping clients just like you for over 16 years now, recovering data from a whole host of drives and other storage devices that other companies – including some manufacturers – would consider to be beyond recovery.

Our data recovery Inverness engineers have a unique set of bespoke recovery processes upon which they can rely as well as up to the minute recovery technology. Combining the best in technology and a decade and a half’s experience means that we are well placed to provide you with the most comprehensive hard drive recovery service in your area.

What’s more we can do this for you using a variety of different levels of recovery; depending on your budget and your timescale for recovery. Our engineers can offer you a hard drive recovery service which can be Standard, Express or Critical. And what’s more when the data has been recovered from your failed storage media it will be returned to you in a format that will make it easy for you to begin using said data again and enable your business to return to its full operational capacity sooner rather than later.

With thousands of parts in stock and highly experienced engineers recovering your data you can be sure of the premier Data Recovery service with a No Fix No Fee Guarantee as standard.

Our data recovery Inverness engineers are often tasked with recovering the data from a whole host of storage devices that have failed for a variety of reasons. From general wear and tear, accident damage, to components attached to them that have failed because of a sub-standard build, our engineering staff has the experience and technology to recover your data quickly and cost effectively.

If you have suffered the loss of data because of a failed hard drive then call us today on 01224 452094 and speak to a member of our engineering team who will take you through the initial assessment process. During this call a data recovery Inverness engineer will give you a preliminary diagnosis of the problem and explain to you how we can recover the data (also giving you details of our No Fix No Fee policy). If you are happy with the information you have been given, including our No Obligation Quote, then we ask that you send your storage device into our data recovery centre. Alternatively if you live or work nearby feel free to drop it into us in person.

Once our data recovery Inverness team have your storage device they will make a definitive diagnosis and return their findings to you via email. This will allow you to see for yourself just how much of the data we can recover (normally 100%). If you are happy that we can recover the data you need then we ask that you make payment to us via BACS transfer or credit/debit card (we do not accept PayPal). Upon receipt of payment we will recover your data to a new media (we may ask that you purchase an external storage device from our stocks if the volume of said data is greater than 30GBs) and return it to you via next day courier. For more information on how we can help retrieve your lost or inaccessible data call us today on 01224 452094 (our telephone lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm as is our data recovery centre).